How did this happen?

Second Chance Plea

 Aw, c’mon, gimme a second chance.

Do over!

Ah, let’s just consider that a mulligan.

Ever said these words about an errant golf drive, a traffic violation, or a credit card slightly late fee?

 I’ve pleaded, cajoled, and lobbied for second chances throughout my boomer’s life.  Especially on the sports field.  You see, my joints and muscles aren’t connected; heck, they’re not even in the same time zone.  I’ve always needed one more chance to run the 50 yard dash in less than 23 days or to master the intricacies of a springboard dive so that people’s eardrums weren’t burst by the belly flop explosion.  So, I’ve asked, no begged for second chances numerous times through my decades of life and jumpstarting what has been this dormant blog is one more chance for me to find the reset button.

And, I’m in good company.  Think Napoleon, Churchill, Ted Kennedy, Kiefer Sutherland.  Well, don’t think about them too much; you might never give me a second chance to blog about mid-life chuckles given that kind of company. 

But, one of the many advantages of aging, beside reduced admission to the Cinemax, is perfectionism has been discarded as an attainable goal.  I need do-overs all the time. Warm chocolate chip cookies inevitably cook up reasons to start the diet tomorrow, again.  After sitting through an “All You Need to Know about Social Media” class I invariably re-enroll for a second… or third time so that I can figure out where “the Wall” is or what button Andrew Weiner’s  tweet used. 

So despite your vague memory about Tricky Dick Nixon losing a presidential race, a California governor’s race, and even a homeowner’s association chairmanship only to later lead a nation through raucous enemy list shenanigans, he did some good things with those second chances.  Like, open China so that they can now hold the promissory note for our current financial misdeeds.  Or, make an architecturally ugly D.C. building famous.

With your indulgence, I ask that you look for more Chuckling Boomers blogs in the near future and tell me about some of the good things second chances have brought you.  Meanwhile, I have to go help my good friend Lindsay Lohan find her “Get Out of Jail” card one more time.


Comments on: "Second Chance Plea" (2)

  1. I see you’re back at it! Good for us! Please keep writing! – Laura Lee

  2. I like that line about perfectionism no longer being an attainable goal. If it has to do with physical dexterity that sure is true!

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