How did this happen?

There She is Again!

 There she is again.

Recently, while looking at digitized images that my camera ready husband has posted, there is an older lady in the group photo posed in front of the David’s statue in Florence and at the botanical gardens in Delaware.  I wonder who she is and marvel at the repeated coincidental sightings.   She’s a pleasant looking older woman looking serenely happy replete with white blond hair and line carved face.  Even in family photos, the mystery woman has joined my family ogling the newborn grandson. 

She looks vaguely familiar. Maybe, it’s because I’ve also caught glimpses of her passing the tri-fold mirrors at T J Max.  I think that I’ve even seen her downtown while passing the plate glass windows of the kitchen gadgets store. 

Interestingly, she could be my older sister.  She’s a little shorter than me and her slight potbelly reminds me of my grandmother’s.  Her hair is similar to mine, but I note its thinning around her freckled face.  When I study her image, I wonder if my eyelids will droop like hers when I am older. 

Yet, she looks like she’s reveling in an active life full of travel, adventure, and, most importantly, family.  I can only hope that I look that happy in photos as I age.  Except, maybe I’ll remember not to wear that sleeveless dress that advertises deltoids long gone.


Comments on: "There She is Again!" (2)

  1. Love it!

  2. How DID this HAPPEN??? Can that be me in that mirror??? -LLC

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