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Watching men parent!

This might be a news flash for you.  But men just think differently than women.  I know, I know, I am probably the first to make that astute observation. 

But recently I saw this difference while watching a dedicated father do an intervention with his four year old daughter.  I say dedicated because he was carrying three sets of downhill skis while walking uphill toward the ski resort base with his two young daughters trotting closely behind. 

“Ohh, what a good daddy,” I warmly thought.  He’s shouldering a heavy load so that he can spend some quality time with these chatty young offsprings. 

But, then he stops, sends one daughter ahead to catch up with the mother, and turns to the whiny four year old.  “If you don’t change your attitude, young lady, you’re going to spend the day behind THAT door.  Do you really want to spend the day behind THAT door?”  No response from the little girl.  “Well, do you want that?” intoned the father a little louder this time.  Still nothing. 

Then the father wisely, if belatedly, inquired, “Can you read what’s on that door?”  Between sniffs, the little girl slowly shook her blond curls side to side. “Oh,” says Super Dad.  “It says Day Care”  And on went the threat that was probably muted somewhat by my chuckling.