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It Just Sneaks Up on You

 It just sneaks up on you. 

 One day you’re rushing through the “to do” list confident in the knowledge that you’re master of the universe when, wham, the earth tilts on its axis and the downhill slide begins. 

This graphic loss of footing occurred for me recently while listening to National Public Radio, which in itself should have shielded me from all suffering.  The mellow-toned announcer was explaining that I could access my favorite episodes of “Car Talk” and “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” through various mediums including the internet and podcasts.  Smugness wafted over me because I knew how to download and access all these electronic treasures. 

Then, came the words that sent me tumbling into mid-life crisis.  The now evil NPR announcer of doom intoned, “Or, you can even listen the old-fashioned way via analog radio.” 

“What!” I screamed to the clock radio crouching beneath the kitchen cabinet.  “You’ve betrayed me; you’re old fashioned. “

I stormed across the room ready to yank this  turn-a -dial symbol of decay off the wall mount brackets and cast it into the basement alongside the decrepit hand held calculators and PC towers. 

But, alas, just then I heard Tom Magiiozzi, one of the Car Guys, laugh deeply at one of his brother’s jokes.  Chuckling, I turned what used to be known as the volume knob higher and decided to be old fashioned for just a little while longer.